Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blaze a trail

It's amazing how fast a trend can grow on you. The first thing I thought when I spotted the 80's blazers making a reappearance was 'Milli Vanilli'. But after further investigation, I can confirm - they're hot and super handy for work.

I tried on a few on Saturday and still haven't find the right one for me, but my favourites so far are the Dorothy Perkins (€60, above) and River Island (below) versions. Skinny jeans, white vest (great selection for €4 in Penney's at the mo, stock up!) and you're good to go.


Rebecca said...

love love love xx

Kitty Cat said...

Nice! I love the look of blazers but when I try them on I just think they make me look like a butch lesbian! :(

Nathalie said...

I LOVE blazers. Left my River Island one at my mum's a few weeks ago and I miss it :(