Friday, March 27, 2009

Full metal jacket

Credit at the ready - Matthew Williamson debuts his line for H&M on April 23rd with a second deliver on May 14th. The womenswear is a bit last year but the men's line, his first, is what I'm interested in. This studded (presumably faux) mens leather jacket must be mine.
It's the kind of thing that will actually look better in twenty years when your kid steals it. For some unknown reason, H&M heads have removed all pics from the internet but I managed to salvage this (bad) one, awaiting pricing.


TheShamelessWillyToucher said...

blogs r uber ghey like

signed ?

cats are uber itchy too...shit

C a t r i n a said...

It's soooooo mine!

drollgirl said...

heavy metal!!! i love it!

Profoundly Superficial said...

Very Sid Vicious!

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Paul Griffin- Screw you!

Catrina - I know, hot as hell.

Drollgirl - Can't wait to try it on.

Profundly Superficial - I KNOW!