Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vicky Kavanagh has no problem "per se"

Someone just sent me a link to this riveting piece of commentary.

"The Sexy Pedestrian blog didn’t have anything particularly wrong with it per se. Written by a journalist from Cork, it did provide information on both spend and splurge items and the ‘Most Popular Blogs List’ was very handy for looking at some of her best work. I think my hesitance towards this site was that it lacks uniqueness and it would be easy to get uninterested with it quite quickly."

Hang on a second. What? It's yay or nay motherfucker!

Vicky giveth and Vicky taketh away - 'This provides information on items in various price ranges and a handy list... both of which I am basically uninterested in.'
TS Pedestrian, despite being different from the other sites mentioned, "lacks uniqueness".

Vicky's crushing disappointment doesn't end with Pedestrian, "The next, Dublin Streets, to me was not a fashion blog at all. Mainly consisting of pictures of random people around the streets of Dublin it looked like the extended section of a magazine that does style spots on the average person. Even the pictures didn’t exactly demonstrate cutting edge fashion - just normal everyday clothes (skinny jeans featured heavily)."

Now why would that be, Vicky? Let's squeeze our eyes shut really tight and think and think and think. Would it be that Dublin Streets photograph random people in Dublin? Where in Dublin? Stay with me Vicky... you can do it, that's right... on the street! You're dead right though, it is a shame that people don't make more of an effort, despite the fact they don't know they're going to be photographed. An occasional toga or a pair of culottes would go down a treat, but dressing up would defeat the purpose really, wouldn't it?

What the fuck is cutting edge fashion anyway? I'd love to know what kind of far-out shit goes down inside the gates of DCU, but I'm pretty sure that, even if Cutting Edge Vicky is wearing nothing but a Viking helmet, Balmain shoulder pads and a vacant expression, skinny jeans are still pretty much the order of the day.

"Now I can hear your thoughts already." she whines, "Irish people giving advice on fashion and beauty? Us Irish are known for many things: the craic, the Guinness, the potatoes. But fashion? Not so much."

Potatoes. The classic lazy 'Oirish' reference. Aren't we all mad Irish people and aren't we all made entirely out of potatoes and Guinness.

Maybe instead of making lazy observations, the Vickster could use her potato head to create the unique, cutting edge blog she's looking for, there's obviously a gap in the market for a really super one.


LauraCassidy said...
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LauraCassidy said...

May I just say I think your blog is unique and wonderful :)

Red said...

Oh I feel a Marlboro moment coming! She's some bitch. You got nominated cause your readers love your blog

Anne-Marie said...

ha ha thanks for giving me such a laugh sexy - that has to be the crappest article Ive read in a long time!!! Such cutting edge journalism!! Anna Wintour watch out!!

loupita said...

I just love it when other people think they can judge just how unique something is. Why don't they come up with something oh so utterly unique it's just off the scale?

Lottie said...

Who is this Vicky girl then?

It's always very easy to point the ritical finger and make judgements and everyone is entitled to do so. But then again, those who dan't do, criticise.

dressjunkie said...

I nearly lost a rib. Who is this Vicky gal??
Another armchair critic *sigh*
And just for reference its & slapswap?? The very least you can do if you're going to attempt to review something is get the bloody web addresses right.
Schoolgirl error?
Slightly insulted for the lot of us, but I'm thinking a bowl of spuds and a glass of the black stuff will erase the pain being so Irish n all.

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Laura - I wasn't angling for compliments, but now that I've got one, thankyouverymuch!

Red - "She's some bitch" - ha!

Anne-Marie - It's pretty lame alright, it's a college zine though, so hopefully she'll improve in time.

Loupita - That's my point! If there's a gap in the market, fill the fucking thing!

Lottie - No idea, token novice 'fashion' hack. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but she doesn't really have one, which bugged me.

DressJunkie - Schoolgirl error indeed. What's insulting is that little or no research went into it, it was more "I dunno, it looks like pictures of people wearing jeans, I'll just write that down." Also, Sexy PedesTRAIN. Crikey.

niamh said...

haha what a tit. i loved reading this and i love your blog. and how come dublin streets and your blog are so popular if theyre not good. EH ??EHH???
ya ...i thought so!

keep doin your thang !

/Niamh x

Rabble said...

Balmain shoulder pads? we won't be able to afford the cloth or padding - but for heat, we can always burn wee Vicky at the fashion stake and watch her burn.

Marmae said...

The poor girl's grammar gives me a searing pain in my mind. "My hesitance *towards* this site..."; "it would be easy to *get* uninterested *with* it"; "*us* Irish are known..."?

Perhaps you could ask her to get back to you when she's learned to write?

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh no... I don't know who this Vicky girl is but I went to DCU and loved it and used to be on the College View's so PLEASE don't judge and hate all DCUers!

Anonymous said...

*College View's editorial team

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Niamh - sing it sista'!

Rabble - We could, but we really shouldn't.

Marmae - Or she could just rewrite that one... with added research.

Lovely Disco - I'm sure it's no reflection, I quite like the College View, actually.

Manuel said...

the waiter loves it....


you may be interested in this....

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

This is the coolest thing this Easter. My desk is a contender!

Anonymous said...

Eff that rubbish.

You're awesome, and give me lovely fahsion treats, that, believe me I wouldn't get anywhere else.