Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Water disaster

I'm so over winter. I'm actually starting to feel really hard done by because the weather is so bad. I stopped wearing Uggs to try and get myself into the season, but all I've got in return is wet toes and guess what? It fucking sucks, that's what.

Then I saw this, which made me feel simultaneously better and worse. By the time I've done the smart thing and saved for it, the god damn weather better have improved.
Either way, I'll be wearing this, frolicking on a sun lounger and telling everyone who'll listen how fabulously tranquil St. Tropez is now that the banks have stopped giving holiday money to poor people.

Maxi-dress by Totem from £83.97.

1 comment:

Red said...

I got tres sick of wet feet also...squishy socks are so not i ditched the cons and went for lined "wellies"....tres cool....or doc martins are a good idea...