Thursday, April 23, 2009

Running away

I'm really getting into this exercise thing. I've been for a walk/run (run for five minutes, walk for ten, run for five etc...) every day since Sunday. I'm like Linford fucking Christie over here. You always assume that, should you have to, you could run like the clappers. Scarily, this is not the case. I discovered I can run for five minutes. Any more than that and I throw up, whether there's an murderous axe-wielding rapist running after me or not. I always thought I'd escape, but unless the rapist is more unfit than me, I doubt I would. You can bet he'd have been working out too so I'd have no hope, unless the throwing up put him off, which it might.

What I have noticed is that running and exercise in general punches stress and worry right in the face. When you're trying to figure out if your lung is about to give up, you don't have time for office politics and other assorted brain litter. It's brilliant.


George said...

you just made my day!

I get nosebleeds when I run, drink, fuck and even when i get upset. But you just made me realise life could be a lot worse... if i were to puke instead!

wouldn't we make a lovely couple!


Anonymous said...

I hate running! When I used to play soccer, our fitness coach made us run 5-10 miles before each training session, depending on her mood. It was death.

drollgirl said...

you are so right!!! and kudos to you for getting it in gear. i need to do the same MORE OFTEN!!!

Stephanie said...

LOL Hi. New here. I find it much easier to keep a decent pace on my treadmill if I'm watching some disgustingly skinny woman on a soap!

Cute blog.