Thursday, May 14, 2009

Goths in hot weather

I'm sure the Irish undead don't have this problem, but summer really isn't a goth's best friend...

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Pedestrian 8

I've been tagged by Bookish Blonde.

I hate these things, but it wasn't as annoying as I thought it would be, so here are my answers:

Eight things I like:

New bed linen straight from the washing line - Daz-ilicious.
Cleaning my house from top to bottom with a variety of cleaning products I purchased because I liked their ads on TV.
Scrambled eggs on toast on Saturday morning - cooked in the frying pan, not the microwave
Aldi Badgers Creek Shiraz-Cabernet - €6
Watching 30 Rock in bed with Mr. Pedestrian.
Good haircuts
Proper sleep
Carrot Cake

Eight things I did yesterday:

Ate a sausage sandwich (ketchup & whoegrain - yum)
Read the papers
Washed my make-up brushes
Destroyed a pair of Uggs in the washing machine
Watched the cat chase a fly all over the house
Had dinner with my parents (roast - yum.)
Drank too much wine & coffee and couldn't sleep.
Photographed a new dress for the blog

Eight things I wish I could do:

Upstyle my own hair
Run faster and for longer
Survive on salad and lean protein
Travel for a year or two, and still pay my mortgage
Operate with a capsule wardrobe
Drive a rally car
Grow highlighted hair
Employ a chef

Eight things I don't like:

Guy's girls
People who pass the buck in work
Men who are mean with money
Pointless meetings about idiotic projects
Condescending elderly colleagues
Missed calls from private numbers - with no message
Having to pay for a TV license when I already pay for Sky
Putting the duvet cover back on the duvet - this is ridiculously difficult.

I'm tagging:

Victor Barry

Rapture Ponies

The Portmanteau




Random picture fun

Look at these hot bitches. Is that... Rachel Zoe? With a yak fringe? I am absolutely loving their shorts. You know this is what we're all going to be wearing next summer, trying our best to look chilled while battling crippling camel-toe, like the uncomfortable looking one, second from the left.

Happy Monday!

Have a coffee, take a pill, eat a cake - whatever it takes.
I refuse to let this Monday suck!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Decisions, decisions

Fly my pretties! Take to the poll!

Me owl love

These are great. They're from Mary Beth's Art and available from her Etsy shop.

So's this, the Dorothy Perkins Owl Printed Tee (€28). You can get some really cool shit with owls on. This may turn into a potentially scary obsession, made worse by lazy owl-wordplay titles and links to eBay owl-trash. It's a fucking hoot!

Yes, I said stirrup pants.

I had a pair of cream stirrup-pants when I was about nine. I hated them with a passion. The band under my foot drove me nuts and eventually, I managed to sneak them into the hand-me-down bag, where they no doubt haunted a younger relative for some time after that.

Now they're back I'm having second thoughts. I've definitely been influenced slightly by a girl I spotted in Dubland over the weekend who was wearing a black pair of the 'tights' version (Penney's, about €4 or €5) with white patent flats and a long slouchy vest. My camera battery died so I couldn't get a pic but it worked, and I think it might work for me, despite the fact that she was foreign, pin-thin with an inspirational haircut and an expensive tan.

These, however, I'm not so sure about. There's something very Lederhosen about them, ja?