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Tied up

Left: Repetto 'Garbo' Lace-ups €265
Right: Pointy Platform Lace-ups €18, Penney's (also available in brown)


Why am I so interested in what everyone's desk looks like? It's kind of like seeing what kind of underwear everyone is wearing. Maybe I'll start another blog about that.
Anyhoo, here's mine. My desk, that is, not my underwear.

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The secret shame of your favourite service staffer.

Preservation order

Just when I was about to make a cosmic order for some hair inspiration, Paramount goes and releases Dynasty Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD. Holy crap! Joan Collins, Heather Locklear, Linda Evans, the catfights, the shoulder pads... all I need now is a day off, a jug of Margarita mix and a large bag of Minstrels.

The release date is March 6th, until then feast your eyes on the hotness that is Joan Collins. Monochrome is generally popular in times of economic uncertainty (interesting article, written in '97 on that here), wearing it to work might be something to consider. Nobody's going to fire Joan Collins. If it was a straight choice between you and Joan Collins, even your parents would fire you and keep Joan Collins. They wouldn't even let you get your Muller Light from the canteen.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Deery me.

I'm in the mood for something different today, it's all so blah. I've decided it's pancakes for dinner instead of after dinner. Lusting after this, wooden antlers on an antiqued bronze chain by Tatty Devine. $30.

Treat yourself to a bit of 'different' HERE.

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The Irish Blog Awards- in blurry photos

We came, we saw, we didn't win, but we got absolutely hammered. For future reference, if there's going to be a giant inflatable game of any sort at any event I'd appreciate a heads up so I can stay at home. The lure of Twister was too much. Wild horses couldn't get me off the thing, I think I've broken my thumb, but I won't know for sure until the booze wears off properly.
As if my hangover wasn't bad enough this morning, I got a lovely text message pointing me in the direction of Victor Barry's blog, where there's a lovely picture of my arse displayed for all to see. I mean, it wouldn't be a party if someone didn't get their arse out, would it?

The lovely Val came out of the kitchen and got down on the dancefloor, I finally met Lottie, and after much ado we finally managed to get a picture of us that we both thought was passable.

Raptureponies won Best Popculture Blog, woo! scooped Best Fashion Blog

The fabulous Ciara Crossan danced the feet off me and even let me wear her veil.

I met the very cool Sabrina Dent, who looked remarkably put together for someone who hosted the booze fest that was the Ladies Tea Party...

I had cigarettes with Adam of and interrogated both himself and his buddy about why they choose to live in Riverstick... although it's got to be better than Tuam.

The Macarena caused untold confusion at about 2am, I'm far too brain dead to caption these photos, which are mostly as blurry as the night itself, but do feel free to name and shame if you feel inclined...

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Coat of charms

Like so many things, it started in New York. A number of hours spent browsing the MOMA had this effect on me and I decided that this year's obsession would be finding the perfect camel coat.

I started my search and decided, given that I haven't grown any taller since I was 14 and the right one would probably last me a lifetime, I'd be willing to spend some serious clams on it. I always work out the cost per wear for big spends, like if you'll wear a €100 pair of jeans just twice in the coming year, they're pricey at €50 a go, but if you wear them 50 times, that's not bad for €2 each time.

The amount of money I was willing to part with made the search difficult. If I was paying the equivalent of a mortgage payment for it, this coat HAD to be perfect in every way. Typically, every luxe variation on the classic camel I tried on swamped me and the majority of the newer versions had comedy lapels so ridiculously fucking huge that if a gust of wind caught one I would almost certainly blow away.

There's nothing worse than going into an expensive store, trying on a €1,250 coat and having the sales assistant tell you it looks fabulous when both of you are acutely aware you look like Danny deVito in a hospital gown. I worked in a "posh" shop in Cork once and gave my honest opinion on a number of items to a number of customers who were cramming themselves into a variety of overpriced monstrosities. Needles to say, I only worked there for one day, and even during those eight hours, I was flapped away by the assistant manager (who felt I'd be far better placed polishing bottles of Creed) on four or five occasions when I felt it was my duty, as a human being, to tell the customer the truth.

This morning, to cheer myself up after the bore-fest that is the smear test (stop putting it off - book one for free at I went for a walk around town. My first stop was the Oxfam store just off Oliver Plunkett St. I pushed open the door and spotted it immediately... belted, small lapels, button cuffed sleeves, wool/cashmere blend... the perfect camel coat.
It was just sitting there, at the very front of the rack, waiting for me to come and collect it. It fit like a dream - just the right length, not too heavy and ideal for the dress I'm wearing to tonight's Irish Blog Awards!

Pure satisfaction can be an expensive business, but not if you know where to look. The price tag? €12.

Oh no they didn't...

American Apparel bring back the scrunchie

Friday, February 20, 2009

Nothing on but the radio.

Lovely things said about The Sexy Pedestrian and many other Blog Award nominees by Maryrose at Brightspark on Dublin City 103.2 .

Big ups!
(... What? Big ups! It's totally a saying, look it up!)

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And then a hero comes along...

He is the Eggman

Coo Coo Cachoo!!!

Tag list

The lady with the best hair in the blogosphere, Rebecca has tagged me to share ten of my favourite blogs, ten is far too few, but here goes...

Nick Thinks
Welldone Fillet
The National Lottie
Profoundly Superficial
Bluebirds are so Natural
The Mollyblog
The Good Mood Food Blog

Damnit, out of space... !

My linkshake brings all the links to the yard...

Ace post at The National Lottie .
Isn't it great when people just wear clothes that fit?

This just in: Anna Wintour might be human

Fabian gets a summons

The Bluebird of bitterness (judging fail!)

Cheap 'n' cheerful

I always get really attached to purses and wallets. Once all your stuff is packed into them, they become really important. I always put my donor card towards the front, so if I have a particularly bad day, the doctor can harvest away to her heart's content. I like that idea of being some kind of lucky bag for people with serious illness.

Other items include my Tesco and Dunnes cards, which I rarely use but won't throw out because they've got my name on them, a Meadows and Byrne card (10% of all items- sign up!), two or three voucher type cards I got for various Christmases and birthdays, a 'Good Luck' business card thing with a cringey poem on it that my mom got me, a blood donor card, Boots card, my laser cards (one AIB and a cool sky-blue laser/credit from Halifax), three packets of salt, two packets of Canderel and a mug shot of Mr. Pedestrian that I stole out of his wallet the last time he got passport photos done. It has 'Tesco' printed under the pic, it looks like he's Tesco 'employee of the month.'

Turnlock detail wallet, €10 (down from €16), Awear.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sole sista

I like the front of Atwood's ruched ankle boots, I also enjoy living in the real world. Hey, maybe with the money I saved not buying designer, I could, I don't know, buy food, and pay for shelter... cool!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Party Hat Kids Pictures, Images and Photos

The Sexy Pedestrian has been shortlisted in the Best Fashion Blog category in The Irish Blog Awards

I feel like doing a party dance, it's an amazing list and I'm stunned I'm on it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Jean genius

Apart from the obvious problem of street-drag (where the hem of your super-flares trails along the pavement, sucking up water until, on a rainy day, it reaches the back of your calf - you freak out and never wear them again) super flares are definitely one of my ten favourite clothing items of all time.
It could be something to do with being small (I'm 5'2, but in magic pavement skimming flares I can wear my most suicidal platforms without anyone noticing, thus adding a sneaky six inches) or it could be the way the wide leg makes your waist look positively waif-like, but they're my fail-safe pants option and I collect them obsessively.

Imagine my glee five minutes ago when these babies arrived in my inbox... meet the Molly Vintage blue piped wide-leg jean, an absolute STEAL at £27.41 (around €30)

By my calculations, that's three boxes of Marlboros, an iced mocha and a copy of InStyle. All of which I can do without ('tis far from iced mochas I was raised)... bargain!

Number 1

Oooh, I've been tagged by T Cup at Red Lemonade to give my age away by telling you what was No. 1 in Ireland on the day I was born.

Apart from one incident involving me, a rent-boy and a some shackles, a little community service and some questionable fashion choices, Boy George and I have nothing but this in common... it was Culture Club's Karma Chameleon.

I'll tag... Profoundly Superficial, Molly ... aaaaaaaaand Lottie

You guys are weird...

I understand now that including the word 'sexy' in your blog title is bound to attract some interesting visitors, but these are just a few of the odd searches that have lead people here over the last week. Hopefully they come for the the porn and stay for the pretty... so welcome, you big bunch of perverts!

daschund delights.

lovely night sexy

sexy horny hot woman.

sexy girls scarem.

sexy knicker shops.

Find Sexy Singles in türban.

sexy undies for niamh.

Celia Holman Lee sexy legs

street of sexy and fucking.

Carl Scarpa

sexy girls cork

fashion and sex in ireland

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Take a bow

Button-through at the front with an oversized bow at the back, this denim baby, €40 from Awear, is all drama. I love bandeau dresses, you just zip 'em up and you're done. Over tights, with jeans or leggings, with a vest underneath or a cardigan over the whole lot, this is a one for all and it's a gem for spring. It creates a smokin' hourglass shape as well, so you can party hardy in the knowledge that your booty is all wrapped up like a birthday present.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Up Next...

Le Nord...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pedestrian footnotes

I'm a big fan of Mary T's blog (Caution... Woman at Work). Her hilarious stories about being a busy mum of two are, without doubt, the most powerful contraceptives available online.
Today, I volunteered to be interviewed, now it's my turn... volunteer yourself to go next in a comment box!

1) What is your most memorable fashion disaster?

"I'd erased it from my mind until now, but you asked, so... this is so fucking traumatic... here goes... I was in third year in secondary school and attending a fourth-year fashion show. All the cool people were there. I was wearing my usual skin-tight flares - huge at the bottom, super small up top. I'd been obsessed with getting the jeans as tight as humanly possible without removing a few organs for months and had finally found what I felt were the piece de resistance. I had to lie flat on the bed to get them on, but once I didn't breathe out, they were perfect.
After the first half of the fashion show we left the gym to have a sneaky fag. On the way back in, I took two steps at once. There was a sickening 'riiiiiipping' noise. I knew immediately what it was... the winter breeze on the bare cheeks of my arse was another clue.
My friend, being 15, had almost certainly wet herself with laughter by now but between squeals, managed to give me her coat, which I tied around my waist. I frantically plotted a route to the nearest toilet cubicle to assess the damage - to my jeans and to my life. With said "friend" having uncontrollable giggling fits, we got to the nearest loos with nobody noticing. The mirror revealed that the jeans had ripped spectacularly - from the crotch, right up the back to the waistband. The only saving grace was that I had chosen to wear knickers that day. I couldn't think straight, so "friend" said she'd go and get a needle and thread from the Home Ec room. Ten minutes later, and with me near tears in a toilet cubicle, she arrived back. With the Home Ec teacher and at least ten people she'd invited along the way. The Home Ec teacher, a rather butch lesbian, demanded I take off the jeans and hand them over the door.
Wincing in mortification I took them off and stood in my knickers for 30 minutes while she stitched them in front of the assembled audience. By the next morning, word had spread like wildfire across the school and the story had grown enormous legs. One version was that I'd been knickerless. Another was that it had happened on the catwalk. This is the first time I've relived that episode. And the last.

2) You read in Vogue that Shell Suits are making a come back and are going to be big for autumn / winter. Attached to the article is a picture of Agyness Deyn wearing one. What do you write in your blog about this?

"Model exposed as simpleton, world indifferent."

3) Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty invite you out for a quiet drink. You have a very important job interterview at 9:00am the following morning. Do you accept their invitation?

"Of course. I'd politely decline the crack though and if either of them wanted to touch me, which they inevitably would, they'd have to wash their hands first."

4) A good friend is in desperate need of a makeover but doesn't know it. How do you address this problem?

"This is a tricky one. You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so it's generally best to delete them from your social networking friends lists and change your number post haste. If, in time, they correct the problem, simply reintroduce yourself as if you've never met. Crisis averted."

5) Your airline loses your luggage on your outbound journey and offer you £100 to get what you need until they find it. What do you buy?

"I always bring my make-up in my carry-on luggage along with cigarettes and a box of matches (if I have seconds left to live an oxygen mask is not going to cut it, plus you never know when you might need something to offer a terrorist in exchange for your life.) £100 is quite generous of them actually, I'll fly with them again. My list would include the following:

Grey tights or knee socks, depending on the climate
A long T-shirt
A huge scarf
An oversized cardigan
Pairs of knickers (3)
Cigarettes (200)
Bottle of wine (1-2)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Throwing shapes

When it comes to making the most of what 'ya got, Evans know what they're doing. I haven't got sizing on their Colour Block Dress yet, but the pattern is super flattering and the shape will take you to work, to the pub, on to a nightclub and home in a cab. At €35, just don't ask it to buy you a drink.

Tea not E

I would have served pills, acid and warm Carling, but times, it seems, have changed...


By Dazeychic

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Make me want you.

Not counting Celia Holman Lee and Jackie Lavin, old Irish ladies aren't given much opportunity to get their legs out in public. No bad thing really, because when they do bare all, it always looks a bit wrong, a bit 'divorced auntie at a wedding.'
That said, I'd like if Irish magazine editors starting taking a few more chances with both their cover girls and their styling. This vacant blonde 19-year-old thing is getting a bit stuffy and mundane. It's all too safe.
A magazine cover should be a talking point, it should fling itself off the shelf. Most of the covers I've seen in newsagents recently just sit there with all the sparkle and personality of a speaking clock voiceover by Andrea Roche.

A blank stare, a watery interview and a designer dress will no longer cut it, especially now when everyone and their mother is on the lookout for a spark of inspiration, something to sow the seeds of a new outlook, anything, anything fresh.

For me to part with my hard-earned cash, you're going to have to make me feel like I want to be part of something. Your magazine must have something I need, and right now I need ideas, a new concept, something to aspire to. You have to make me want you.

Inspiring is not Sile Seoige blabbering about being "best friends" with all of her 28 sisters. Inspiring is 62-year-old Diane Von Furstenberg wearing heels, fishnets and a Martin Margiela coat made out of blonde wigs on the cover of Purple Fashion Magazine's S/S issue looking like she's about to burst with pure, unadulterated joy.


Monday, February 9, 2009

The flower show

With little or no regard for the freezing weather, fashion is forging ahead with florals. It's so early that I can't see this floral thing lasting through the summer, but it's a fun pattern to mess around with in the meantime. If it's all a bit to Hyacinth Bucket, block colours (like the one in the centre) and a corsage will achieve something similar but a bit safer...
These three are from Penney's (€19), (£38) and Next (€36) respectively.


Mothers Day presents get harder and harder to choose every year. If a photo frame made out of penne pasta and glue won't cut it, this is something that might tick the right boxes.
Venture Studios in Swords and Dun Laoghaire will give your mum the star treatment with a photo shoot, choose the strongest images and frame them or enhance them with some funky effects. You could even get a shot of the whole family, your dad, the cat, whatever.
There's loads of different display options, in lots of different price ranges, so if it's a huge piece you're after, split the cost with siblings.

It'll probably be the first memorable Mother's Day present she's received that didn't involve Lego or crayons.

It's a wrap

Scarves (anyone else really uncomfortable with the 'V' in that word?) have got me out of many a windy-day hair situation recently, so much so that yesterday it wasn't even windy and I still wore one, knotted a la Winehouse at the top. I have a huge collection I'm always adding to and I'll be taking this one (Heart Print Scarf, €25.50, Accessorize) home as well once it hits the shops.
You should also know that, although the American Apparel Circle Scarf claims to work as a 'head wrap', the effect is more turban-like than strictly necessary outside of a mosque.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Total shambles

Pete Doherty on the Late Late was always going to be a disaster, but what actually happened blew my mind.
Earlier today, Doherty spoke to Hot Press writer Stuart Clarke and Trinity students (including one overenthusiastic knobhead who followed him to the RTE and "wooooooo-ed" her way through ten minutes of the Late Late show) about his love of books, his dream of studying literature, his views on Jack the Ripper, his time living in Lisburn, his female fan base (he said he was, indeed, single, in case you're interested in letting him shove one of nasty, stained, corpse-hands up your bra) and the reaction was good, it was an honest chat, it was real and it was fair.

Then he got to RTE. Rushed on first with a vague introduction, small talk of any kind was skipped entirely as Pat delved right into Doherty's drug use and chequered past, it was drugs, drugs, drugs. So the guy has a fucking drug problem, it's not like we haven't already been given a pill by line rundown by every tabloid available in Europe. I'm not even a fan of Doherty's music, but you had to feel sorry for him, he was under the impression Pat was some kind of professional, little did he know he was in the hot seat with a guy who had no idea who the fuck he was.

I thought the point of an interview was to find out something the audience didn't know, yet this dude was left struggling to understand some awkward, unsympathetic and downright rude questions about his relationship with his father while most of his answers were muffled, almost inaudible, due to the inexplicable decision of some idiot to put his mic on his hat.
As if things weren't bad enough, Pat then decided it would be a good idea to compare Doherty to Shane McGowan, apparently because, like Doherty, he's "a poet" and "has a fondness for the drink". In fairness, even Pete Doherty could see that, despite the fact Pat was laughing as he said it, there wasn't anything complimentary about that comparison.
Lucky for Pat Kenny, Pete went ahead and sang the song he'd agreed to sing, which wasn't bad, actually. Then he made a joke along the lines of "where's the guy I get my money off?", which nobody laughed at, because the Late Late Show audience are even stupider than the Late Late Show. (Stupider - it's word, I checked.)
Christ, surely even Pete Doherty is entitled to a decent interview?

What Pat Kenny DID ask Pete Doherty about
His father
Kate Moss (painfully unanswered)
His "Irish heritage" - Pete:"Ted"

What Pat Kenny DIDN'T ask Pete Doherty about
The Libertines
Karl Barat
His friendship with Amy Winehouse
Music in general
Fatherhood and his son, Astile
His modeling contract with Gio Goi and the MTV documentary about same.
His lifestyle, the guy lives in a country mansion in Wiltshire and is currenty facing eviction.
His time in prison
Keeping a low profile
The future, solo efforts
Anything of interest

Baby. Got. Back.

If you haven't been watching Mad Men, you might be unaware of a monumental trend shift bubbling just beneath the hardened rind of what is and what isn't cool.
Joan Holloway, (actress Christina Hendricks) is office manager at 50’s Manhattan ad agency Sterling Cooper – she’s witty, sly and determined but her impact is broader than that. Much broader.

Ms. Holloway’s got a body type that hasn’t been highlighted as ‘hot’ on television since before I was born. If you’re black or Latino, with incredible genes and have a large, round, bottom, your shape will have been applauded as ‘bootylicious’ for some years now. Lucky you, because the same has not been true for the average Irish white girl. In fact, if you’re pale and fair haired and large of rear, it’s probably something you’ve been painstakingly trying to hide and disguise since someone kindly pointed it out in secondary school. Well the good news is this; ass is back, bitches and it’s bigger than ever.

We're going Master P on this motherfucker, I like big butts and I cannot lie.
The difference between this and most of the other body trends that trickle into our consciousness on a daily basis is that this time, the shots are being called by real women, not a bunch of culture and carb-starved “fashion” designers pumping out size sixes with a ‘Large’ label for a chance to suck face with Carine Roitfeld.
The whole Gok Wan ‘dress for your shape’ thing is starting to make sense. It becomes a whole lot clearer once you see Holloway swing her ample booty, zipped up tight in a scarlet shift dress, up and down the Sterling Cooper office floor.
If you’ve got it, flaunt it, or at least dress it. Pack it into a pencil skirt, squeeze it into a structured dress and shake what yo’ momma gave ya.

To quote unemployed former girl band All Saints... it’s a booty call.

Behold (from left):
The Veronica Lake Dress, €89,
Enamel Flower cuff, €18, Dorothy Perkins
High-waisted Pencil Skirt, €50, Next

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Animal print trilby, broderie anglaise bolero, ultra cropped white vest, ripped stonewash jeans and cream ethnic hoop earrings - all River Island, Spring Summer '09, whatever, but would you for one second look at this woman's stomach. Focus your eyes square on it. Jesus wept. If I had a tummy like that I swear I'd never wear clothes again, not even to work.


How many times have you walked down a quiet, dark street by accident and spent the entire walk thinking:
"Shit, shit, shit, shit, I'm going to get murdered now, I know it, this is it, that man I just saw getting out of his car is going to fucking murder me!
Maybe I should pre-empt him and start screaming now, or maybe I'll do Oprah's car-keys-in-the-fingers attack, or bite him, but I might get blood and skin in my mouth! And there'd be a crunch, I don't know if I can handle the crunch."

Just me then? Anyway, most of the time it's not a murderer, or it was and it was his night off, but if it ever was, then a piece of jewellery filled with pepper spray would be quite handy.

Personally, I'd be happier if I had something sharp I could actually kill him with, but this would do nicely if you had nothing else to hand.

Loaded up with peppery "POW!"(400 times stronger than the average jalapeno) it sprays upwards of 12 inches and also features a safety lock to make sure you avoid any hilarious accidents.

The effects last for 45 minutes, leaving you more than enough time to kick your attacker in the balls and give him a stern lecture on not murdering while you wait for the police, or an ambulance.

The ring sells for $30 in ring sizes six to 14 with each refill tacking on an extra $8.
From Gizmodo

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The Sexy Pedestrian has been longlisted in two categories (Best Fashion Blog and Best Newcomer) for the 2009 Irish Blog Awards, eep!

The thing is this,

"For those blog owners who show up in multiple categories you now must choose which category you want to be in when your blog is moved forward into the next round of judging. Send an email to contact < at > with the subjectline “Category Choice” and tell us the category you want to be judged in. You will then be removed from the rest when the next round starts. You have until Friday the 6th at 5pm. If you don’t want to make the choice we’ll randomly select one of your categories. As was highlighted during the nomination process, a blog can only be shortlisted/longlisted in one category."

Which category should we choose?!


Like being picked first for the school sports team, except much, much better for the lack of sports.

Check it out HERE...

"Hot, horny and 'up for it'..."

Former editor of the Erotic Review says contemporary erotic writing (in this case, Charlotte Roche's Wetlands) "creates a crushing new sexual orthodoxy [that] inevitably puts pressure on young women to behave as if they're hot, horny and 'up for it', twenty-four seven."

Wow, the pot calling the kettle slutty...

Harem scarem

I haven't tried them on yet, but I can already tell that harem pants are not my friend. I dread to think what would happen if I sampled a harem jumpsuit, I think the crushing disappointment of seeing what I look like, versus what I like to think I look like in my mind would be too much to handle.
However, if this is a trend you think you can handle - physically and mentally, then I'd advise beginning your foray down this particular fashion avenue with the Penney's €11 version, leaving the Dorothy Perkins charcoal shoulder-drape jumpsuit (€60) to the professionals.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Bank of England are a shower of sexist idiots

Sunday, February 1, 2009


With all this online bargain hunting, I'd plain forgotten that there are plenty of young, Irish designers selling their wares at reasonable prices all over the country. These guys and gals are talented, and buying up handmade pieces ensures you're not going to rock up anywhere wearing the same thing as anyone else.
I'm hearting dresses in a big way lately and I like the slouchy shape of this one, the Guitar Dress, €30 by Limerick designer Maria Sheehy, of MIA Designs. Check out her Etsy shop here

For the small of boob, this upcycled Thin Lizzy tee by Nice Day Designs is also a winner...