Monday, February 16, 2009

You guys are weird...

I understand now that including the word 'sexy' in your blog title is bound to attract some interesting visitors, but these are just a few of the odd searches that have lead people here over the last week. Hopefully they come for the the porn and stay for the pretty... so welcome, you big bunch of perverts!

daschund delights.

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sexy girls scarem.

sexy knicker shops.

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Celia Holman Lee sexy legs

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Kirstie said...

"Celia Holman Lee sexy legs"

has just made me spit out my tea with mirth

Anonymous said...

daschund delights????

I'd love to see that web site.

nicedaydesigns said...

sexy girls in turbans is the best

Lottie said...

Daschund delights - people really are f'd up! Disgusting!


The Sexy Pedestrian said...

I'm not sure whether they want to eat them or f*ck them, but yes it is disturbing.

Anonymous said...

what dirty minds you have... maybe daschund delights is all just a load of images of daschunds having a good time, gamboling around in the grass, having something interesting to smell or a nice bone to play with.... hmmm

Lottie said...

You don't really believe that Jane do you? :)

Anonymous said...

Well Lottie, I suppose it might well have something to do with 'sniffing' or big 'bones' ;-)

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Ladies... control yourselves!