Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Throwing shapes

When it comes to making the most of what 'ya got, Evans know what they're doing. I haven't got sizing on their Colour Block Dress yet, but the pattern is super flattering and the shape will take you to work, to the pub, on to a nightclub and home in a cab. At €35, just don't ask it to buy you a drink.


fmcgmccllc said...

I just don't see how this is going to flatter me.


Very good value, but for someone who only stands 5' tall? God forbid! I'll probably look like a walking clothesline.

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

FMCGMCCLLC- It's the way the pattern cuts inwards, it gives the impression that the lighter part in the middle is your skinny little torso.

Andretti- I'm only 5'2... I'll be wearing this with grey tights and a pair of lace-up fetish boots I can barely walk in - I won't be able to move and if there's a fire or an emergency I'll almost certainly die, but that's life, I suppose.