Friday, February 6, 2009

Total shambles

Pete Doherty on the Late Late was always going to be a disaster, but what actually happened blew my mind.
Earlier today, Doherty spoke to Hot Press writer Stuart Clarke and Trinity students (including one overenthusiastic knobhead who followed him to the RTE and "wooooooo-ed" her way through ten minutes of the Late Late show) about his love of books, his dream of studying literature, his views on Jack the Ripper, his time living in Lisburn, his female fan base (he said he was, indeed, single, in case you're interested in letting him shove one of nasty, stained, corpse-hands up your bra) and the reaction was good, it was an honest chat, it was real and it was fair.

Then he got to RTE. Rushed on first with a vague introduction, small talk of any kind was skipped entirely as Pat delved right into Doherty's drug use and chequered past, it was drugs, drugs, drugs. So the guy has a fucking drug problem, it's not like we haven't already been given a pill by line rundown by every tabloid available in Europe. I'm not even a fan of Doherty's music, but you had to feel sorry for him, he was under the impression Pat was some kind of professional, little did he know he was in the hot seat with a guy who had no idea who the fuck he was.

I thought the point of an interview was to find out something the audience didn't know, yet this dude was left struggling to understand some awkward, unsympathetic and downright rude questions about his relationship with his father while most of his answers were muffled, almost inaudible, due to the inexplicable decision of some idiot to put his mic on his hat.
As if things weren't bad enough, Pat then decided it would be a good idea to compare Doherty to Shane McGowan, apparently because, like Doherty, he's "a poet" and "has a fondness for the drink". In fairness, even Pete Doherty could see that, despite the fact Pat was laughing as he said it, there wasn't anything complimentary about that comparison.
Lucky for Pat Kenny, Pete went ahead and sang the song he'd agreed to sing, which wasn't bad, actually. Then he made a joke along the lines of "where's the guy I get my money off?", which nobody laughed at, because the Late Late Show audience are even stupider than the Late Late Show. (Stupider - it's word, I checked.)
Christ, surely even Pete Doherty is entitled to a decent interview?

What Pat Kenny DID ask Pete Doherty about
His father
Kate Moss (painfully unanswered)
His "Irish heritage" - Pete:"Ted"

What Pat Kenny DIDN'T ask Pete Doherty about
The Libertines
Karl Barat
His friendship with Amy Winehouse
Music in general
Fatherhood and his son, Astile
His modeling contract with Gio Goi and the MTV documentary about same.
His lifestyle, the guy lives in a country mansion in Wiltshire and is currenty facing eviction.
His time in prison
Keeping a low profile
The future, solo efforts
Anything of interest


sarah said...

i have a sad soft spot for pete doherty. i hate that celebrities are measured up to such high expectations, not saying pete hasn't had his share of screw ups, but he does have talent, he is worth interviewing, he is intelligent.
not everyone can be a blessed bono.

Unknown said...

Ugh... I can't watch Pat The Plank. My partner will be subject to an interview next week and I can't wait to see what Pat has in store for him. Pat's track record for conducting shambolic interviews makes me nervous! (PITHY MEDIA DISCLAIMER: Views expressed in this comment are the sole views of the commentator, who is free to think what she wants of Pat despite her relations. So there.)

Ian said...

Him singing was fantastic, pity he was a mumbling mess for the rest of it. That woman in the audience, I thought I was going to throw something at the tv to shut her up!

Anonymous said...

Yer one was painful. I think Pat did the best he could which was obviously embarrassingly bad. I wonder why PD agreed to go on in the first place?

I thought the song he sang was pants and his fingernails could do with a good clean.

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Sarah - From what I can make out, he's a pretty interesting character and any journalist I know who's met him has found him charming and polite.

Molly- Intrigued! Now I'll have to watch it again next week!

Ian - I thought it was okay too, given how uncomfortable he must have been feeling after the rolemodel lecture.

VooDooLady- The fingernails bothered me alright, hoe does one, non-gardening man pick up that much dirt on his hands during an average day? What the fuck is it? Gross.

Manuel said...

oh it;s all so frightfully embarrassing......

Anonymous said...

Any episode of The Late Late is bound to be cringeworthy, this sounds about average for Pat The Plank. I haven't watched since Gaybo gave it up!
Sounds like a terrible interview, Pat's interview skills leave a lot to be desired!

Unknown said...

Never mind... he's been bumped to March because some footballer is over from Oz.. I'll keep you posted.