Monday, May 11, 2009

The Pedestrian 8

I've been tagged by Bookish Blonde.

I hate these things, but it wasn't as annoying as I thought it would be, so here are my answers:

Eight things I like:

New bed linen straight from the washing line - Daz-ilicious.
Cleaning my house from top to bottom with a variety of cleaning products I purchased because I liked their ads on TV.
Scrambled eggs on toast on Saturday morning - cooked in the frying pan, not the microwave
Aldi Badgers Creek Shiraz-Cabernet - €6
Watching 30 Rock in bed with Mr. Pedestrian.
Good haircuts
Proper sleep
Carrot Cake

Eight things I did yesterday:

Ate a sausage sandwich (ketchup & whoegrain - yum)
Read the papers
Washed my make-up brushes
Destroyed a pair of Uggs in the washing machine
Watched the cat chase a fly all over the house
Had dinner with my parents (roast - yum.)
Drank too much wine & coffee and couldn't sleep.
Photographed a new dress for the blog

Eight things I wish I could do:

Upstyle my own hair
Run faster and for longer
Survive on salad and lean protein
Travel for a year or two, and still pay my mortgage
Operate with a capsule wardrobe
Drive a rally car
Grow highlighted hair
Employ a chef

Eight things I don't like:

Guy's girls
People who pass the buck in work
Men who are mean with money
Pointless meetings about idiotic projects
Condescending elderly colleagues
Missed calls from private numbers - with no message
Having to pay for a TV license when I already pay for Sky
Putting the duvet cover back on the duvet - this is ridiculously difficult.

I'm tagging:

Victor Barry

Rapture Ponies

The Portmanteau





Sharon McPherson said...

Great answers! It is a little therapuetic, once you get into it ... :)

drollgirl said...

hahaha! i love that you wrote "i hate these things". i hate them too, almost always.

Adventures in Veg said...

There's a handy secret to putting on a duvet cover - turn the cover inside out, put yr arms inside it and then grab the corners of the top of the duvet. Then flip the duvet on the right way round on top of it. Very hard to describe but it takes a few seconds!

Let a hot boy show you instead:

Lottie said...

Hmph. K - but you owe me!

@Aoife- I do that but still always end up a sweaty mess by the time I have it on.

Adventures in Veg said...

Lottie - really? I find it quite exhilarating ;) I get well odd when my boyfriend interferes though, ha!

fmcgmccllc said...

Hate formal meetings of any sort, they are mostly people wanting someone to listen to their bullshit.

Love Duvet covers, saw my first one in Austria years ago and just about peed my pants. WTF. It worked out just great although I can't imagene sharing it.

whoopsadaisy said...

Oh my God that picture looks like a finger sandwich :O

Anonymous said...

I WANT A SAUSAGE SANDWICH! It's been three months...

Anonymous said...

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