Thursday, November 20, 2008

Red alert

"Do you think we should paint the back door bright red babe?"

No, I don't

"Right then, well I've painted the door bright red already. I was sure you'd say yes so I suppose I jumped the gun."

Does it wash off?

"I don't think so, it's quite thick."

For Christ's fucking sake.

"Right, well that's that then."

...Oooh, that's not bad actually. It's very cheery.

You know what's cheap?

And it can do great things to boring rooms. Here at Pedestrian HQ, Mr. Pedestrian went mad with a small tin of retro red gloss, the most satisfying paint of all. He coated the door to the garden, which the previous owners had painted a thick muddy brown- inexplicably, they also used this shit to destroy the frame on the original sash window and windowsill at the front.

When I first came home from work and saw it, I thought he was after having some kind of breakdown, but minutes passed and it started to grow on me. Now I think it's a hit, very early 50s retro. Plus, red is considered a symbol of integrity in China. Integrilicious!

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