Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anchors Away!

I'm in the depths of a deeply traumatic wardrobe clear out. The storage capabilities of my two-bedroom mini-house are maxed out and short of filling the oven with shoes or politely asking Mr. Pedestrian to store his clothes in the garden, I have no option but to stop hoarding. There are some items I've only been able to let go of because friends have promised me they'll take good care of them, but what's ace is that, once it's left the house and been carted off to its new life, I don't miss any item one bit.

This could take a while, but it'll be worth it if I can make room for a tonne of new stuff I've been mentally trying on. Stuff with anchors on, to start.

Above: The Red Anchor Charm Bag, €33, Evans.
Below: Navy Anchor Silk Scarf, €12, Next

OR you could bag some cheap anchor charms here and here and get crafty on its ass...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god don't you dare forget about me - I'll need pass-me=downs when I'm home from Newport and skinny!!