Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hiatus highlights

I've neglected you. I know.

I'd love to say I was working or studying or whatnot, but the truth is I was partying and I'd totally forgotten you existed. Thanks for the concerned stalker emails though, I'm still alive, I've just discovered that it is in fact possible to function without regular internet access. Who the fuck knew?

A hiatus highlight was Barcelona. I'm sure the Spanish know how to lots of things, but building stuff and partying are definitely two of their best skills. It's clear Gaudi liked to do both at the same time, which I admire, and I particularly liked his church made of tree trunks and ice cream and his Dr. Seuss park.

Primavera Sound rocked as hard as it promised to, treating Estrella and Jaegermeister/Red Bull soaked festivalgoers to three days of bliss and it just so happened we were the for the match, after which thousands of drunk people flooded the streets for a giant celebratory riot, which was brilliant.

Barcelona, the only city that truly deserves to have Queen write a song about it.

Other good stuff: Tapas, €3 bottles of wine, €2.90 Marlboro, warm evenings, hotel roof pools, massive shopping savings in Mango, H&M, Zara, Bershka, paella, ice cream in the middle of the night, cheap taxis, room service, restaurants on boats, coming home to 28 degree weather in Cork.


lucyslounge-dee said...

welcome home

Magatha-May said...

chalk up that last other good stuff comment. 28 degree weather YEA!

Lottie said...

But if a tree falls in a forest and noone is there to blog it - does it make a sound?

And Im not a stalker - I just needed a SP fix.

Welcome back.

*sigh of relief*

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Dee- Thanks hon, I'm surprised how great it is to be back!

Magatha- Weirdest feeling ever getting off the 11pm flight in cork and walking out into a warm evening!

Lottie - If it fell on Penneys you know I'd let you know! I'm just updating myself on your movements while I've been away- check near the front door for the shoe.

Rummy McGin said...

I'm going to Barca in 2 weeks and i'm so excited i could puke....

those pictures just tipped me over the edge.

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Rummy - It really is the best city I've been to. There's endless stuff to do, the booze is cheap, the weather is smokin' and the people are fucking nuts - all the ingredients for the perfect holiday!