Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tea for two

Back to more pressing issues - the Topshop sales have been better then usual of late, I picked up not one but two ace dresses for €30 in Dublin recently. I'd missed the sign on the rail and I thought the check-out girl was kidding when I arrived at the till delighted with my one €30 tea dress - she told me to turn around and pick another dress for free. Sweet!

Tea dress - Topshop €30 for two!
Bangle - River Island, 2008
Shoes - Shoe Fayre, Oliver Plunkett St Cork, €40.
Nails - New Rimmel Pro in 'Coral Romance' (can't get enough of this colour)


Anne-Marie said...

Stunning especially the footwear!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing ....normally Topshop sales are kinda rubbish. All the poop is €10 and the nice stuff you were waiting for was discounted to €59 from €64 ...yeah ...score ...thanks, Topshop ....lol!

Lottie said...


I've already bought not one, not two, but Three dresses this week - althought they were from Tesco and they were £=€ and did only cost €36 all in. I suppose I could get another...few.

HAppy days.

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Anne-Marie - I've had those shoes for a year now, they catch compliments every time - yellow rocks!

Hermia - I know! It's usually all baggy cardigans with buttons missing and overpriced printed tees - I was amazed to find a big fat rail of summer dresses, especially in late May.

Lottie - Dresses are timeless, so there should be no wardrobe limit on them - plus €36 would barely buy you two rounds in a bar, what you have is an investment!