Monday, January 19, 2009

Apple-y ever after

I know, I know it's a childish scent but DKNY's Be Delicious always makes me feel all energised and awake, even before the first of the day's coffees or any drugs at all.

Now it comes in a roller ball thingy, which should help avoid any spillage, and carrying around a bag that smells like an explosion in an apple juice factory. Again.

€22.00, Brown Thomas etc.


Anonymous said...

Oh that's handy. I've ruined many a handbag through perfume leakages. And I really like that perfume, it's so refreshing and sort of reminds me of apple drops which are yum. Tempting indeed.

Anonymous said...

ah my comment disappeared! it just said that reminds me of my friend! and furthermore, my flippin romance travel size keeps flipping off in my bag!

Anonymous said...

Mmm I love that scent but haven't ever owned it...hmmm, a birthday present from me to me perhaps :D
It really reminds me of my best friend though, I might think it smells weird on me instead of her!

Lottie said...

Oh I wish they did one of these for Euphoria.

I thing Be Delicious looks yummy but it just doesn't smell as tangy as I had expected.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, I want one!!
I have a teeny tiny (like 5ml) Be Delicious and Red Delicious bottles, but a roller-ball is just so much cooler!!