Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kick 'em to the curb

These are the kind of boots that I'd wear to death. I had a brown pair that I wore with everything, then they fell apart and I had to buy Uggs (which I had been steadfastly avoiding for years) and put them in a bin on Bleecker Street in NY. They looked so sad as I walked away, just sitting in the bin.

They were all:
"What are you doing? How can you leave us here?

And I was all
"You've left me no choice, boots. You let the water in. Everything's falling apart."

"But we've taken you to so many parties! So many cities! Have you forgotten the dancing?"

"Jesus wept. My toes got wet, for crying out loud! It's over, it's really over now."

"Fine! Fuckit, you never treated us right anyway. And you're a fat bitch."

"That's just spiteful. And I'm just heavy on my heels, you can ask my podiatrist."

I really like the perforated panel in these actually, great buckles too and they'd be perfect for grunging up a summer dress.

Yours for €130 at Faith.

Just got an email highlighting these
£70 plus 20 extra off because it's a sale item!
Thanks Liz!


Anonymous said...

I got boots in NYC.

Century 21 rocks my boat.

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

"Boots". That's not nearly enough info.

Givussa look!

Tuesday Kid said...

I once drunkenly asked a girl wearing boots like that if she'd ever used them to kick a man through a wall. It wasn't the best ice breaker but it did the job.

Sian said...

I so want these boots, but they don't seem to sell them in faith anymore :(

Any ideas where I could get them?