Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Full circle

I finally got my American Apparel Circle Scarf. According to the label, it can be worn 13 different ways. While this is true, I only liked nine of the options and I wasn't that enamoured with the ninth.
The rest were pretty satisfactory though and it definitely scores 10/10 for versatility, even though the whole concept is a piece of marketing genius. I like marketing, sometimes it's the only reason I buy things.

Rather than bore you to tears with a wordy description, I decided on pics instead.

Get one here or if you're handy, run one up on the sewing machine for about €4.

1. Basic scarf
2. Shawl
3. Doubled scarf
4. Scarf with hood
5. Doubled scarf with hood
6. Hooded shawl
7. Figure 8 top
8. One-shoulder dress
9. Bandeau dress (this one needs pins and/or a belt)


Anonymous said...

I've wanted one of these for months.

T cup said...

that mask is so scary!!

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

That's my face!

Tim Atkinson said...

But does it keep your neck warm?

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Who cares about that!? Look what it can do!

Kitty Catastrophe said...

So is that a mask or are you actually a scary lifesize dolly?

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

What if I was? Maybe I don't even have a face, and all my make-up related posts are just me, secretly yearning for lips and eyebrows.

Mary T said...

I think I saw this or something similar on LK Today, Lorraine was very impressed with it.

I might have to get me one as it's so versatile!

lolitasunglasses said...

I can't wait to order this online..I'm just waiting on that credit card!

Anonymous said...

oh my God! I gt one in Americai!

It's mental, i'm pretty sure I only like about 4 ways, it was just too novelty-tastic.

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Same here, I just couldn't leave it behind me, the possibilities! Although the 'head wrap' looks like a turban.