Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Knickers Monica

So, I know one of your deepest, darkest secrets.
If you're anything like me, and you are, your underwear drawer is an unorganised disgrace.

Yesterday, in a desperate attempt to restore order to my wardrobe, I initiated the Great Underwear Cull of 2009. This is an alien idea to men folk, Mr. Pedestrian keeps socks and jocks in two neat drawers. No drama.
Us girls have a whole lot more to worry about, especially when it comes to sorting the thongs from the boy-shorts.

My underwear drawers (all three of them!) were positively overflowing, which meant that since Christmas I've been using the same four bras on laundry rotation, despite having a colourful collection of over 15 stowed away like some kind of kleptomaniac.

Having upturned all three onto the bed, I discovered two things:
1. That I have a disproportionate amount of novelty knickers.
2. That, rather than sort through it all, I could throw it all out and buy new stuff.

I decided on a compromise. I put my favourite bits and pieces back in the drawer, all folded neatly and then bought some new stuff as well. Shopping for underwear is entirely guilt-free because it's a real necessity, not like fishnets. Or hats.
If you're on a budget (and who isn't?) the 'Truly' bra and thong pictured below are €10 and €4 respectively at Penney's. The three sets above are from TK Maxx and start at €5.99, which isn't bad considering the mark-down.

Now, like a real grown-up lady, I'm wearing underwear that actually matches!

I'll be so relieved if I get knocked down.


Pustulio said...

Nice Post!
And you are so right that is an alien idea for us men...

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

It must be boring though... not having much choice?
"Hmmmm, jocks, or... jocks?"

Anonymous said...

My underwear never matches... I'm a disaster!

Anonymous said...

I had an entire conversation with my friend who matches and her slowly developing OCD over it.

I like this buying new stuff idea...

also.. Victoria's secrets! :)

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

That's the one place I never got around to in NY, pissed I didn't work it into the schedule!
Probably for the best though, my new rule for myself is not to spend more than €15 on bras. It's so hard.

Seriously though, does anyone Irish match all the time? I'd say there's some pretty scary stuff going on under a lot of tights and tops.

Now I'll be thinking about that while I make office chit-chat tomorrow.

T cup said...

i recently did this myself. i had got into an awful habit of wearing odd socks cos after washing i couldn't be bothered putting them together. however i decided before crimbo that i would join my socks together i found i had to make a few compromises and put socks together that don't match but might have be the same colour or a slightly samey pattern.

with regards to my knicker situation i need to do a serious cull there i realised i still have knickers from my first year in college. now there fine but it just seems a bit weird that i still have them?

Daily Daydreamer said...

Hi...first ever comment here :)

I am a mis-match nightmare! I never match...underwear, socks..jamas...such a terrible excuse for a girl!! :P

Anonymous said...

Well done TSP, it's great feeling to get through them all. And sure buying new ones is even better, love those pink polka dot ones above...

*legs it to TK Maxx*

I'd love to never spend more than €15 on a bra, sadly Penneys best does nothing for me so I *have* to buy in Marks & Sparks etc...oh what a tragedy :D (love their stuff)

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

TCup- Buy new socks. Now! And knickers are not a college souvenir.

Shop Girl- Pyjamas are a completely different story. I have an emotional attachment to fleece pyjama bottoms.

Whoopsadaisy - Sweat shops aside, I find Penney's pretty good for smalls. That's probably why I've accumulated such a staggering collection of novelty knickers.

Anonymous said...

I did a massive bra/knicker cull recently and I can actually find stuff again. I have a lovely red bra I adore, and haven't worn it in months because it was buried at the back near my 'period knickers'.

Re Penneys, I'm not exactly Jordan, but I find if you're above a B cup, Penney's bras have all the support of straw scaffolding.

Adventures in Veg said...

I think you've inspired me to do a similar cull!!
Although I often don't even wear matching socks so you can imagine how much of a disaster I am when it comes to underwear...

Thankfully I don't do the whole 'grey underwear' thing though, you know, still wearing that old white bra/knickers that turned slowly grey after too many washes...*shudder*

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Ruby - Yeah, I doubt a €5 bra is going to be much in the way of support. Penney's catch me every time though, it's the quantity over quality thing. I'm a grown-up, I should be able to resist that in favour of quality, structured, grown-up underwear!

Aoife - Somewhere, right down at the back of the drawer, EVERYONE has grey underwear. I could never wear odd socks, I'd feel all out of balance or something.

Unknown said...

Lovely undies!

I need some new stuff myself... any excuse.

Anonymous said...

My underwear is http://www.divissima.it! Sexy and hot! ;-)

www.77yum.com said...