Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The Sexy Pedestrian is heading for Limerick at the weekend for Out on a Limb anniversary boozing, but what to stash my stuff in? The ideal weekend bag needs to be big enough to fit two full outfits, two pairs of shoes, hairdryer (why are hotel hairdryers always crap?) make-up bag (allowing for more than the basic foundation, mascara, bronzer combo) and the inevitable extras (scarves, underwear etc. etc.)
In the interest of appearing low-maintenance, I always try to stuff as much as possible into a girly overnight bag. This generally ends in disaster, wrinkled clothes and lost bras. On the look-out for a sturdy replacement I discovered this little beauty, wouldn't you know it - in a men's shop.
It's classic and roomy with plenty of pockets for bits 'n bobs... ladies, I give you the Luxury Canvas Holdall, €114 from Topman.

The cost of a piece of luggage should be distributed over the number of times you'll use it in a year, so if you take ten weekenders and the bag is €100, by my calculations that's a mere €10 a trip... bargain!

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