Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wardrobe mistress

I've had my eye on a fabulous €1400 wardrobe in Harvey Norman for a while now. It's big and roomy, with plenty of space for shoes and bags. The problem is that if I were to purchase said wardrobe, I would need to devote one of our two small bedrooms to housing it, which would defeat the purpose. Then someone suggested built-ins. I've looked into it and this would set us back at least €2000- I could buy a whole lot of shoes with that.
SO, we headed for B&Q, where we discovered sliding wardrobe doors for under €100 each, and they're nice too. We got some advice on the whole building malarkey and bought the supplies, so we're gonna build the freaking thing and that's that - at less than €300!
Screw you Harvey Norman!

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