Saturday, November 15, 2008

The sexy pet-estrian

Pets are great. Yours truly and Mr. Pedestrian love dogs, but we work the Nine to Five so we couldn't handle the guilt of leaving a puppy at the manse all day while we're out making Eurons to spend on goods and services. Then we were offered a kitten, a handsome ball of fiercely independent black fluff with a white chest - it looks like he's wearing a Tux. We decided to go for it, and so Jobe joined the Pedestrian team.
What we've found is, as far as pets go, kittens are surprisingly cheap. In fact, Jobe was so cheap he was free. A week's food averages about €3, he's obsessively clean, sleeps all day and entertains us endlessly. He's so cute it's hard not to squeeze him to death.

Cats: The Recessionists' pet of choice.

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Pam said...

Cats are soooo much easier than dogs!