Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Passive aggressive Christmas gifting

Trendhunter has compiled an interesting list of Budget-Friendly Holiday Gifts. I don't know about you, but I don't know any little girls who'd appreciate a 'corn husk doll' over a one of those Bratz sluts or, say, a plastic bag filled with hair.

I don't even know what a 'corn husk doll' is, but it definitely sounds like something you would get beaten up for producing in the playground.

Other questionable suggestions include 'homemade bath soaps'. I can only presume you would make these by melting down bits of other soaps in some kind of cauldron and squashing them together into a soap shape. Trend Hunter suggests you present these to your "grandmothers, friends, neighbors and daughters in-law". All of these people will put your horrid soaps straight into the bin and then take them out again every time they have friends over to illustrate how mentally unstable you are.

"A warm glow within the home on cold and brisk winter nights is something anyone can appreciate" says TH. To make candles I'd imagine you first need to go and buy candle wax, candle wicks and jars in which to make your candles. If you're shopping for all that crap, I reckon you might as well just buy a fucking candle.

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