Monday, December 22, 2008

Caped Crusader

The Pedestrian has been hearting feathers for a while now, so imagine my glee at finding this, the Black Broadway Cape, €161 from Monsoon. I can think of very few outfits that wouldn't be improved by this feathery addition, which goes some way in justifying the price.
What I am slightly peeved at is the fact that in the UK, you can snap this up for £95 - despite the pound depreciating to 94.79 pence per Euro.
I'm one Irish person who refuses to be ripped off (to this fucking extent), so for now, Monsoon can keep their gorgeous cape. It'd be cheaper to travel the UK and buy it there, and that can't be right, can it?


Anne-Marie said...

oh that is indeed fabulous!! I have left so many things on the shelf this year due to the stoopid exchange rate - its infuriating!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW, FLASH-Y I love it!

Group 8 said...

I love it. I'm having an all things peacock-like phase for a while. This would fit in with that, but it's pricey alright.