Friday, December 26, 2008

Fresh and folksy

I bore easily. Christmas was delicious in every way but now I'm excited about kicking off 2009. It's like when you get a new refill pad or diary, the old one starts to look all tattered and crappy and you make a special effort with your writing in the first few pages. It all descends into scribbles eventually, but it's starting afresh that matters.
I'm always glad when the sequins start to disappear from the shelves, they were always a cop-out, albeit a fun one for December.

"What'll I fucking wear!!?
"Dunno, something festive, just grab a sparkly dress and call a taxi."

Suddenly we have to put a bit more effort into what we're wearing and therein lies the fun. As a theme I'm thinking folk, a lot of patterned knits (loose, to hide my newly acquired beer belly) and slouchy hats, but nothing in red. I'm going mad for military as well, and if you whack it all on together, the cardies, the long, long scarves, the hats and a smart double breasted coat or well cut jacket, it looks quite wintery, but not in a Christmassy way.

I was in lust with the Fusion Blazer, €102 from Monsoon until they decided to keep up their policy of ripping off Irish customers.

Now I've found real love with the beautifully detailed vintage dark green Loden Jacket a mere €24.90 from Austrian Vintage specialists Bows & Bandits


Old Knudsen said...

Yer joining the military to get rid of yer beer belly? do the Irish Have a military?

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

I'm not sure but I'll find out, if they don't they should... there are plenty of beer bellies to keep them in staff.