Friday, December 19, 2008

Heaven sent

They say you don't know what you got till it's gone, and I've just run out of Lancome Sun Cherub Star Bronzer. This has taken pride of place in my make up bag since the summer - it's the perfect goldy tan colour and it goes on nice and lightly so you never look like you've been licked by the fires of hell.

The chubby little cherub gets mashed into the shimmery sun the first couple of times you swirl a brush in the compact, but when a company goes to this much trouble to show you their product is different, you know it's gonna be good.

I've found a sweep of this topped with a dab of baby pink blusher (Nars 'Super Orgasm' or Chanel 'Illusion') can make a hungover me look like I've got some, gone for a jog and had a facial when really I'm struggling to keep my tea and two Neurofen down.

Around €35 and lasts for ages.


Unknown said...

I'm very fond of Aveda's bronzer, but I'm kind of wierd.

Lottie said...

4 words.

Brown Thomas 20% Off.

That is all.