Thursday, December 4, 2008

A gem of a bargain

Every time I go shopping I inevitably bring home more costume jewellery. It's an addiction, I can't help it, the stuff is bursting out of every drawer in the house. I might only ever wear it once, but I like to keep it, just in case. Because I usually only wear it once, I prefer to spend as little as possible on passing fads. The latest one is the gemstone fad, fun for Christmas, but not much use afterwards. Dorothy Perkins currently has a blue stone stretch bracelet for €11. I had a snoop around and found something super similar for €3 in... you guessed it... Penney's!

Nine euro saved = free cigarettes for me.


Dorothy Perkins' Blue Stone stretch bracelet
Penney's version, €3


Anonymous said...

Ooo I love a good bargain but I never have the patience to root and all the good stuff is normally gone by the time I get around to it.

That bracelet is lovely - nice find!

Anonymous said...

God bless Penneys :D

Anonymous said...

heart bargains!