Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finally, sushi to go, in Cork!

God, we've gone into the future... Cork is now home to a sushi bar! Dharma's Deli specialises in takeaway bento boxes and party platters, locally sourced where possible and pretty good value too (1 Futomaki, 1 Chumaki, 3 Nigiri, 2 Hosomaki, €7.50)

If 'twas far from sushi you were raised, they also do noodles, wraps, canapes, cakes and green teas. I've already heard great things from the Smiley Dog tattoo people (their place is upstairs) and the website is making me hungry.

Call in your order Monday - Friday before 11am.
Dharma's Deli deliver after 12pm.
24 Marlboro Street
Cork City


Jane said...

Oh, this really is too much. I've been so jealous reading about the English Market. I really thought that when I came to live in rural Ireland I would shop that way but we have nothing like that here in Mayo. Now Sushi?? One of my very favourite foodstuffs. You really are blessed down there. Hope you make the most of it!

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Cork city is pretty good food wise actually, the market is the main draw, but it supplies all the restaurants so the food everywhere else is pretty good too.
And yeah, now sushi! Woo!

dabizzy666 said...

Dharma's Deli does not deliver yet, they are working on it, but the shop hours are everyday from 11am until 7pm and on Friday & Saturday until 8pm

Great sushi by the way