Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Slow cooking, for slow cooks.

So I bought a slow-cooker in the sales. It was down to €35 in Debenhams. I figure that for the rest of the winter, I'll just whack in lots of veggies and stock and a little meat, let it cook for the day and dinner will be ready when I come home from work
I took it for a test drive yesterday.


Sweet potato
Baby potatoes
Pearl barley
Stewing beef
Vegetable stock


Turn dial to 'On'
Go shopping for five hours, stop for a drink on the way home.

A giant, delicious and relatively healthy stew for four!

Everybody should have one of these things, minimal washing up and endless dinner possibilities!


molly said...

Ha! We recently acquired a slow cooker, too... it's brilliant. Hurrah for recession food!

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Totally, recessiontastic! I was thinking you could probably throw whatever you have lying around into it, leave it for seven hours and voila... dinner!

Laura said...

We got the exact same one for Xmas - only we made a similar stew to you and it was a bit chewtastic.

I thought these things were foolproof and like you could just chuck everything in including half a bottle of wine. Maybe I set it too high or something. Will try again this weekend!

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Hi Laura!
We went with medium and just left it for five/six hours without opening the lid. If I'd stayed in the house I would have meddled, stirring and checking it so I think going out was the right option!

John Holten said...

Hope it went well. Happy New Year et cetera et cetera

Heff said...

Happy New Year, Pedestrian !

I hope you don't get sexually hit crossing the street in 2009 !!!

Miss Karen said...

Happy New Year!

The slow cooker looks really interesting, I must look into getting one!

Natalie M.P. said...

The best idea for the winter! I wish that winter will last long enough so that I can use this more than twice a year..

Catherine said...

Oh my. I think I'll be skipping into Debenhams tomorrow, a gadget to make dieting easy if I ever saw one!

(and amusingly, my word verification is "graedi")

whoopsadaisy said...

Excellent idea there Sexy, I loves a good winter stew :)

Claire said...

WIsh I had a slow cooker, I need me one of those bad boys!! Great for winter food.

Spaghetti Hoop said...

I've been slow-cookin' 14 years now. Cook PORRIDGE in it's heavenly!

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Never thought of that one, and here I am scoffing instant oats!